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    I wanted to ask if any members have encountered something similar. I installed hydraulic tensioners in my 2006 103 engine. While doing this, I changed to Andrews 31N cams. After trading it in (another story), another fellow looked at buying it from the dealership, but wanted an extended service plan. The sales manager and the service manager said Harley would not stand behind a service plan if the engine failed due to the cam change. The 31N cams are almost identical to the stock SE-253 cams. If this is valid, it could affect others doing aftermarket cam conversions who would later like to purchase extended service plans. Any insights would be helpful. :(
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    From my experience, that is correct. If we do modifications to our bikes that causes an issue, it would not be covered under warranty. The biggest thing here is that HD has the responsibility to prove that in fact it was the modification that caused the issue. For instance, if we put an air cleaner on our bike and the oil pump fails, HD should stand behind the oil pump. Or, if we put an extra wattage headlight bulb in and the wires melt, that is our responsibility.

    I hope that helps.
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    Good insights mnultra. Very helpful.
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    HD's ESP will not warranty non HD parts so be prepared to fight if you have non hd cams etc and have engine problems..

    The Magnuson-Moss Warranty act is was designed around normal consumables such as OIL & Filters, Plugs etc.
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    After reading this thread I am wondering why the dealer would not offer the ESP betting the cam would fail and getting some DOLLARS for repairs, that said if the cams did not fail the expense and burden of proof would be on them