Experience: Anyone try one of the Hydration Vests?

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    Question: Anyone have experience with the H-D
    Men’s Hydration Vests?

    We took a 200 mile ride out to bid farewell to a Vietnam Vet (R.I.P. Chaz) who passed and on the way South the temps rapidly rose from 64 degrees (f) to 113 (f) At one point, we had to pull off of the road to hook up with another group to continue to the American Legion in Wickenberg, AZ.

    With the temperatures hitting well above 100 degrees we were intent on making it a quick stop but a Rider ended up with heat exhaustion and well on the way to a heat stroke. Since we were in the middle of the desert there was no cell service, or shade, much less A/C to be found so we soaked his shirt with water to let it do some evaporative cooling, we wrapped up ice in bandanas and wrapped them around his neck and when he felt "comfortable" enough to continue for the next 20 minutes to the American Legion which was our destination we rolled out and on.

    *NOTE* (This Brother does not drink alcohol, so this was not a factor)

    We got yo the Legion Hall and, like many desert buildings, it was only cooled by evaporative "Swamp Coolers." I'm a dang Florida Cracker and I just don't see the benefit of them but that's what we had. All the heck over Arizona.

    When it was time for the ceremony, we got our Flags outside and returned to the Legion Hall and right in the middle memorializing Chaz my friend passed out cold.

    *Point of interest* In spite of his passing out, the women on the other side of the Legion Hall from me, who were next to him, testify that he didn't let the flag touch the floor and that one of them had to slap him in the face with a cold towel to get him to relinquish it. Even passed out he held tight to the Flag.)

    So, anyway, we made it back home safely. We took a cooler but longer route traveling higher elevations, and this morning I started looking for options which may allow us to continue to join, attend, or perform proper Services in S. Arizona more often and with less physiological risks.

    I understand that the expected lifetime of this (roughly) $50 purchase is only 50 uses. That's OK.. I don't care... $1 a use is less than I pay for a glass of Iced Tea.

    Has anyone in the dry deserts used these vests? If you have, did they help much?
    Men’s Hydration Vests?
    'Cracker' Scott
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    This is what we use.
    And it was about $35.00 a few years back.
    We use a 1 gallon zip lock baggie fill it with water and let it soak it up.
    Use the same baggie when everything is dry for storage.
    Lasts for over an hr when under a tee shirt.
    Will be using it soon as we leave Zion in the morning to go to Moab.
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    Use one and have for the last 5-6 years with no complaints. Its soaks up water remarkably quickly but the front tends to dry out quickly also. When that happens, I just turn it around and wear it backwards as the back is still wet. You will need some sort of jacket over the evaporative vest, out in the wind will dry it quickly. Mine is a Tourmaster Intake and it works well.

    Typical use is down from Payson or Globe to the east Phoenix area and the vest is still cooling when I arrive home.

    For comparison, one summer I soaked a tee shirt in water in Payson and wore it under my mesh jacket. The front was fully dry before reaching Rye, about 12 miles. Another time I soaked an old pair of leather gloves in water prior to riding home, and that worked very well until the enough water evaporated that what little remained heated up. Had a personal hand sauna the last few miles.

    Follow Joel's suggestion to use the gallon ziplock bag.
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    I live in southTexas and a weekend outing for me is usually at least 300 miles; I use the same vest Joel posted above. I leave the house between 8:00 and 9:00 and usually back between 4:00 and 5:00. Vest is soaked the night before, packed in zip lock like Joel and stowed until the afternoon when ambient temps start creeping up to 100*. Pull the vest out and usually have to stop once to re-soak in ice and water at a gas stop to finish the ride; worth the price. When temps consistently pass 100*, I park the bike.;)
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    Crckr, a use report: Just used my vest yesterday on a ride south from Payson to Tempe (AZ).

    Took it out of its gallon baggy and water at the Ballantine Trailhead south of Sunflower. Rode with it for the 37 miles home, temp must have been around 107 at 1 pm, the high for the day. I wore a mesh Tourmaster jacket over the vest and a t-shirt under it.

    The upper front was just about dry, otherwise it was still damp in front to still wet in the back. The ride still felt cool all the way home but I could still feel it drying out and was warming up as I neared home. Based on this, I'd guess it was good for roughly 50 miles before needing a refresh. The temperature was higher than I like to ride in, btw.

    Hope this helps.
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    Man,I'll be riding at night if/when I go see my buddy in Tempe.
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    Don't count on that jamesearl, last night and most any night here in the summer it's still 100 degrees at 10pm.