Expensive Trip To San Antonio

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    Left Friday morning headed for the motorcycle show in San Antonio, planned for a nice relaxing trip down Hwy 90A. Stopped for breakfast tacos at Bob's Tacos in Rosenberg, TX and got on the road @8:00.

    Stopped in Shiner, TX for the tour of my favorite brewery the home of Shiner Bock. Very interesting.



    Notice the Blue/Lt. Blue 2006 Electra-Glide Classic with 28k, (more on that in a moment).


    Got back on the road @10:30 and took a nice ride through Gonzales, Seguin, and into San Antonio. Temperature was 73 degrees, the sun was shining, the wind was calm, and there was vey little traffic. Pulled over at Randolph Air Force base and watched some F-16's doing touch & go's (really cool).

    Went to the bike show and looked at the vendors stuff, got a full mesh armored jacket for the summer at 1/2 price what the Motorcycle Superstore had it for. The rest was nothing new, I realized I had only used this show as an excuse to go for a long ride, and that was O.K. My wife had driven up after she got off work, she was headed for the outlet mall and met up with me at the hotel, and we went out for a really nice dinner at Mi Tierra (a San Antonio institution).

    I knew a cold front was coming this way, and I had convinced myself I could get up in the morning and hit the road and stay in front of it. Watching the weather report I realized I wasn't going to make it and by 6:00 a.m. the sky unloaded. It poured for 45 minutes straight and then continued to rain for another 2 hours. My poor baby was stuck outside taking the brunt of the storm.

    We knew we now had to let the storm get far enough ahead of us so I didn't catch up with it on the way home. So we went and ate breakfast, and she suggested we go by Caliente Harley Davidsoon and pick up a T-Shirt. I walked in the door and there she was, a 2009 Black Ultra customized exactly the way I was planning on doing mine including Rinehart pipes, a lighted luggage rack, 6k on the clock, 96 engine, 6 speed, Brembo brakes, ABS, security system, custom chrome (grips, floorboards, and lot's more that I won't go into now).

    They wanted just over $18, and were giving me $12 for mine. Well guess what I drove home on? The only downside was the temperature had dropped to 44 degrees and there was sustained winds of 20mph coming from the north, with gusts over 30 mph. After 3 hours at the dealership doing the deal, it was getting late and I knew I had to get on the road, and I was going to have to haul buns down I-10 to get back to Sugar Land. The wind was brutal, and I was freezing, but nothing could wipe the grin off my face.

    I proudly introduce you to the newest addition to the Gas Gauge family....




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    SSSSSweet Gauge. I believe that I could almost get the wife to trade in for one llike this.
    Enjoy many miles on it.
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    Very nice.
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    Don't you just hate it when things like that happen. :D

    Nice ride. Congratulations!
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    Sweet ride. Enjoy and ride safe. What a way to break-up a ride!
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    That was one nice trip and with a bonus...Congratulations and just wish more trips turned out with more hardware as well as software...!
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    Congrats! Enjoy the miles you clock off on that sweet machine.
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    Congratulations on the new ride. Ride safe and enjoy it.
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    Congratulations - some days karma really decides to smile on you! You and that bike were meant to be together.