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  1. hooey

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    hi all i have a prob and i was wondering if anyone out there can help so hear goes
    i have a dyna 2004 fxdx
    and ive seen some exhausts that i like the thing is thay are for a softail.know i now the mountings will be wrong but the headers should be the same as there for a 88 if i was to make me own mounting bracket can i use them????thay are the phantom by supertrapp

    many thanx hooey
  2. glider

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    It would take a bit of work, the mounts on the mufflers are different also. The softail is a rigid mount and the dyna is a floating mount that ties the two mufflers together and mounts forward by the trans.so all can move with the engine being it is rubber mounted. I'm sure it could be done but is it worth it to you?

    Try contacting the company, maybe they have your model in the works.