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    I have a 2007 Road King. I want to make it louder without buying a new exhaust system. If I cut the baffles in half on the present mufflers, can I damage anything?:bigsmiley29:
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    Don't do it, they sound terrible and the bike will not run as good. Save them and get a set of slipons. Besides the baffles are not removable.
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    I got a set of B&E proformance pipes and I will agree that the 07 pipe will not work since they are not the same. you could buy a set of 06 pipe and recore them but they don't sount much better then the 07 stock pipe. I did the fullsac true dual convet and B&E pipes. and I'm not sold on the results yet. I will give it a month of so and if I'm not happy I'll return my bike back to stock.

    "I'm not say ether product is bad I'm just saying other then stock may not be for me"
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