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Exhaust Wrap question


Glider or anyone else with the answers,

Good morning all.

I put thermo tecs Black 1 inch exhaust wrap on my 08 Street Bob this weekend...followed the instructions on giving it a 1/4 in overlap... Now ...when I sit at a traffic light the exhaust gets almost too hot to handle on my this normal? Is it going to damage anything other than my leg(ie. Engine parts, wiring etc...

I looked by my rear cylinder exhaust and it looked like covering on some wiring was a little distorted.

What to do, what to do.....
Just a word of caution about wraping.
While you may or may not make the amount of externally felt heat less, you are reducing he pipes ability to rid itself of some heat thru convection radiation.
This causes an increase in internal temperatures and also makes the exhaust more susceptable to cracking.
I believe you are much better off with shielding rather than with a wrap.
I agree with gs here.

The wrapping is for race bikes as it promotes better flow through keeping the temps in the pipes up. It is however not good on other applications as it shortens the life of the pipes considerably, makes them brittle and often scaly where they separate in layers if you unwrap them after a while.
I put these on stock pipe with the intention of Buying some Vance and Hines short shots fairly soon. They only serve for the purpose of look and a slight increase in performance and fuel richness(which is nice on these EFI leaned out models) My concern is not with the pipe, since they are factory... but with the radiant heat coming off the pipes with the wraps on them. I don't want to injure my leg or scoot.