Exhaust System Suggestions for a 2016 Softail Slim

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by vann9741, Nov 17, 2015.

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    I was hoping some of the veterans could give me some good feedback. The Harley Dealership is all about the Vance and Hines Big Radius 2 into 1. What I would like is an exhaust system that provides a great Harley sound, increases performance, and looks great on my bike. Also it has to be black. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  2. dolt

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    Bassani Pro Streets. Bassani PN 1S24DB; Drag Specialties PN 1800-1509.

    These are black with "turn outs" but retain the stepped head pipe. There are other Pro Streets available but all don't have the stepped head pipe; don't ask me why but it can be confusing. The Pro Streets are a 2:2 system but they don't give way to 2:1 systems when it comes to performance and they perform better than other 2:2 systems. Also not Thunderheader loud but great sound. Another system you might look at is the Kuryakyn Crusher Power Cell which is a pseudo 2:1:2 system. While I don't see much difference between the Kury system and the V&H "power chamber" design, the Kury system does look interesting.

    I have run several 2:1 systems on my 95" Deuce and they all sound great at low rpms but cruising at highway speeds of 75-80mph, they all get a bit tinny to my ear. Have tried wrapping/unwrapping baffles with no change. 2:2 systems just don't have that higher pitched sound at highway speeds but typically don't offer comparable performance to a 2:1 system. The Pro Streets are the only 2:2 system that produces comparable power without the higher pitched tone at highway cruise.

    I realize exhaust sound is very subjective and have made a recommendation based on my experience with different systems. YMMV.:s
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    dolt has you covered , you may check out sound bites on you tube, better yet swing by your dealer, many bikes have upgraded exhaust on them on the show floor