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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by aaron12, Oct 17, 2009.

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    i recently bought my 2004 softail fxst used. it has a few mods but nothing extreme. it is carburated, has stage 1 and has drag pipes on it. ive been doing some research on the loss of power these can cause but this is my first bike and really have nothing to compare to. seems to run fine to me with the occasional back fire while riding while ive blamed on myself having not much riding experiance. im wondering if there is anything i can do myself to tell if the bike is in tune? i really want to make sure the bike is running up to its full potential!!!:33:

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    Aaron12, welcome to the HDTimeline forum, there is plenty of good info to help you in the Self Help Tips tab near the top, you can also check the Search tab typing in keywords related to your topic...! In the mean time look in on the link below for some tuning advice for your Keihen CV carburetor which has been in use for some time by HD so all the nits are worked out...


    Enjoy! :D
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    Welcome to the site. You will find alot of wisdom on this site! To anwer your ?, I would start with the plug, it will tell you alot. Another sign is decel-popping, witch is typical of drag pipes. If you have true "straight-through" drag pipes your bike will never be at its full potential. You have to have some back pressure! That being said, i have some friends who have had drags on for years and just like it loud. Its really a personnal preference. If your bike is running good and not hiccuping then i would just enjoy it!