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Exhaust question

English Mike

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Probably been done to death so excuse me for asking if it has already appeared. :54:I have the 2005 softail Heritage Classic and this winter I am going for the full stage two with pistons, barrels power commander the works; it will lof course be dyno'd and as part of the work I want to upgrade the pipes. I kinda want to retain the overall look but get pipes that will do the work justice.

I note that V&H all say 'not for road use' and my local dealer states (despite me paying them thousands for the work) will fail it's test. I understand the SE's would be the same. What then is the answer, I cant go through taking the pipes off and on just to get an MOT once a year:33:

What of the switched ones? Now you see big baffles now you don't!:54:

Or can anyone offer a suggestion.



There are a lot of pipes/mufflers that have different size baffles for them, problem is as I see it that the baffles even at the smallest will not pass the EPA noise regs here in the states, don't know about across the pond.
Basically the ones that will make it are the Harley pipes over the counter. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but the best I can do here.

Rush has different baffles available down to 1 1/2" as well as others but I don't think they will pass what you are trying to do. May have to keep the stockers handy :54:
I have a 2007 Heritage Softail Classic with V&H Bigshot Longs. Where I live in Tennessee we don't have noise testing nor emissons testing. All I get is strange looks from State Troopers and local cops when I pass them or they see me coming but so far - no tickets.
Thank chaps.

Hobbit; I looked at a set of V&H's yesterday for sale at the local HD dealer, in tiny wee embossed writing at the underneath (you really need to look for it) was written...'not for road use'