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exhaust question

Hello everyone! Just joined up after finding this site on the net. I have an 06 Roadglide I bought new in 06. I had Rinehart slip ons and K&N filter put on when new. This winter I had it kicked up to 95CUIN and a gear drive added and diff. cams and a Harley race tuner. On the Dyno it showed 95.32 ft pounds torque at 3000 rpm. I have never been real satisfied with the sound of the slip ons, I had V&H longshots on a Shadow 1100 that sounded great to my ear. I love the torque and still get 40-41mpg everyday. I have 26000 miles on it right now. Been looking at 2 into 1 systems and and true duel.....any suggestions? Keeping torque and mpg is main concern.
Keeping torque and mpg is main concern
2 into 1 systems and and true dual systems go in different directions if you are looking for HP and TQ. The 2 into 1 would win hands down here over the true duals.