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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by stugotts, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. stugotts

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    Hey folks, I have a couple questions and am always eager to hear the good feedback I find here. I'm thinking of changing my pipes and considering V&H or Rinehart. What can you tell me? Pro's and cons. Also what should I do regarding mapping? I have a 08 Dyna Low Rider with next to no miles on it. Thanks to all in advance.
  2. glider

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    Both of the systems you mention are good systems. Best thing to do is to hear them on a bike before making a decision.

    The 02 sensors will handle the fuel in the mid range but the lower and upper range will still be lean. Some sort of fuel enrichment should be used for best performance and long engine life.

    I like the TFI and run one myself on my 07 RK. Easy install and setup and they work well in all applications except big inch motors with many mods.

  3. docholliday88

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    My dad has V&H big radius on his 07 softtail, and they sound awesome, he has the 96cu.in. like ur dyna, and those pipes are awesome.
  4. This is my 07 i just put the 2 into 1 on it the other day i love the way it rides and handles. I did the PCIII and downloaded the map for it.

  5. spdr134

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    I have ordered the V & H 2 into 1 and the PCIII before reading this post. I will be installing it Thursday night and wondered if you had any suggestions regarding the install. The PCIII is coming pre-loaded with a map for the new pipes and the already installed Stage 1 Big Sucker. Already love the bike's performance and hoping for the best.
  6. cmrbuts

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    I have the v&h wide radius 2 in to one With PCIII a k&n air cleaner love the sound,
    had it dynoed What a difference in power worth every penny I spent.
  7. Buckwild Biker

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    Hey cmrbuts, I love the way your pipes look. I was looking at the V&H website and the photos on there of the 2 into 1 looked like the pipes were higher and covered more of the trans/motor area. I like the way yours keeps everything low. I have a super glide custom with mid controls, but I don't know if that changes the install look or not. A couple questions... What did this do for your sound? I want my bike to have a little more rumble and throat. Could you give me the product numbers and everything that I would need and an idea of cost. Thanks for your time.

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    Sounds as if your looking for a full system pipes,have you thougth about Slippons,i have Krome Werks slippons fitted to my 2007 FXDC,they sound great,i put them on the start of a UK winter,which is very harsh on chrome,they still look as good,as the day i ftted them.