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Exhaust info for 07 1200c fuel inj.

Hi everyone,
I talked to glider about the effects of drilling small 3/16th in. holes in the stock mufflers on an 07, 1200C sporty. I questioned how or if it would effect the valves or engs. performance, warranty, etc.
Also, can you just add slip ons without having to do any other mods.
I'd be interested in hearing back from someone that has experience with this.
Thanks for the response Hobbit.
I'm not familiar with a se or a stage 1 fueler. Are you saying I could just add say Vance & Hines straight shot slip ons without doing anything to remap or buy a modulator or something?
I'm learning as I go and kind of limited in the money dept.

Regards and thanks again for the reply.