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Exhaust heatshields.


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I have a pair of Cycle Shack pipes on my FLSTCI, the front pipe get little too hot around my foot, I was wondering if there's any heatshield I can get that wrap around the front section of the front pipe to keep the heat out.
That would probably be a seek and find mission. If there were on on a stock factory pipe that had the same shape, it would work for you. Have you contacted the manufacturer?

How about the stock heat shield for that bike, would that fit?
Yep, I tried but they said I have to go thru my local dealers which none of them carry any, I got my pipes thru a small place which does not has their name on the list.
Try Kuryakn (sp?) they sell them for baggers.Maybe one would fit your Softail.Call them they have decent customer service.