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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Crocker, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I change out my 2-1 exhaust on my SG for long halls due to loudness ,I go back to stock set up for the sound and low end, decided to look for some on the quiet side slipons today , So as I am looking through fleecebay I run across a new TD setup , for real cheep they are DG HardKrome TDs Vortaxx V2 in black ceramic, hard to find any info on them I did find out these are the same as a exhaust called road burnners ,both made by DG ,other then that I know they play in the dirt for many years with good products for motocross exhaust, just want to here if someone has run one of there exhausts systems and what they thought of them. I did buy them being the price for a them was crazy cheep for a full td system in black ceramic at $349.00 u cant hardly find a good set of slipons never mind a whole exhaust system for a bagger for that price and shipping is free also. bye the wey if any one is looking for a a TD system in black ceramic I think he has a couple sets left also in my search about these pipes they retail 850.-900 dennis kirk being the 850.