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    I have a 2003 Softail Standard w/ TC88, carburetor, exhaust system is Hooker Step Tuned. My local mechanic told me that my bike was loosing allot of Low End Torque because I was running the pipes straight (no-baffles), the pipes are sold without. I decided to let him fabricate some and still sound good, for my bike $75 . I do have to admit that the bike does have increased Low End Torque, but lost allot of Top End. I can tell this when passing vehicles on the Highway, speed has decreased about 10 MPH wide open. The bike is louder to me the rider (no complaint). My question is that the pipes had pre-drilled holes for installing the baffles that were staggered, he installed the baffles even at the rear of the pipes. I looked inside the pipes with a flashlight and the steps are staggered. Should the baffles be staggered? Should I go back to Straight or Stagger the Baffles?
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    I know you have already invested in the baffels, but I bought a set of Thunder Monsters from Big City and got great low and mid range increases without losing top end speed. My softail sounds great too.