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Evo starting issues


This is on a 1999 Heritage. When I start the bike it usually takes one or two cranks for it to fire.......but sometimes 5 or 6.......when it does fire it starts slowly and then builds up to full idle. Thats the problem, it doesnt matter if the bike is cold or has been ridden all day it still seems to start the same. It doesnt just hit and go to full idle.....even when I choke it when it is cold. I have checked the timing and even replaced the cam position sensor because it had melted and run down into the nose cone. Ohmed out the coil, which checked out fine, also check spark between plugs and wires, which are new. Checked battery, coil and voltage regulator connections. Carb jetting is a 45 slow and a 190 main, also checked air/fuel mixture. I checked for leaks around the carb and intake seals. Checked out the VOES, the hoses seem to be in good shape and it seems to be working correctly. What about the carb.....I bought the bike used and besides knowing the sizes of the jets in the carb, who knows what mix and match of a jet kit that is in it........what about a good cleaning, fresh seals and a new jet kit........what about bad compression or a valve that is not sealing??????? Just some thoughts.........give me some ideas........opinions
What about the rubber mountings for the intake. Those can dry out and crack which could also cause hard starting. These kind of problems can be very aggravating.:bigsmiley19:
Difficult to say with all the work you have done already but it does start every time, just not the same. I would possibly get into the carb, it may not have been a jet kit used but just replacement jets instead which a lot do because of the price of the kits. They aren't really necessary.
Pull down the float bowl and check to see if it is clean and things like the jets and the emulsion tube are tight. You may also take a compression test to see if everything there is in order. Check for any vacuum leaks again and look at the condition of the vacuum line to the VOES and see if there are any cracks at the ends or along it's length.
You say it starts slow, then builds up. Does it blow any black smoke at this time, especially when hot. Check for soot in the exhaust pipe with your finger, not science true, I suspect it being over state it runs fine and has good torque, so I'm thinking carb. Not seeing it, hard to say.
bikermonkey, the bike starts just like you starts slowly and then builds up so I changed the pilot jet to a 42 and the main to a 180, same old story. Even checked for vaccuum leaks again around the intake gaskets......also check the hoses on the VOES again........this is starting to get old................but not old enough to head to the dealership just yet........I havent got to pick all the brains in my area yet........but if you have any more ideas, please share to anything:wall:wall
Didnt use a vaccuum pump but did use a Fluke Meter. With the key off the VOES circuit showed open and as soon as the bike started the circuit closed. Doesnt that show that the VOES is operating at an idle? Just thought I would ask
Got myself a vacuum pump and used my ohm meter. VOES closed at about 3.5" with a resistance of less than an ohm. Went ahead and put about 5" of vacuum on the VOES system and left it for about an hour, no leaks in the hoses. What now?
How's your enricher working, it should idle higher with the additional fuel that the enricher feeds the engine. Possible it could need some attention?