EVO head gasket replacement

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by travhous, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. travhous

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    1987 flh 1340 stock, I have blown head gasket, i can see oil and there is a slight tick where you can feel air excaping between the head and cylinder. How difficult of a replacment is this and what extra parts would be good to replace at the time. I have never worked on a harley engine, but worked and rebuilt a hand full of chevy V8.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Buy a Manual Evo Heads are tricky require precise torque Look for cosmetic or Bartells metal base and head gaskets follow instructions and use spray copper coat should do the trick
  3. glider

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    If you work on Chevys, you can probably do the job with little problems. Get the manual for the torque values and follow them. Use a quality head gasket like James gaskets and a few others.
  4. TQuentin1

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    I strongly recommend doing a top end job if you have the funds for it. You have to dissassemble the top end anyway, might as well get the valves done (new guides please!), jugs honed, rings, new base gaskets (obviously), new head gaskets (obviously), new valve cover gaskets, new exhaust gaskets, new intake gaskets, and maybe rebuild the carb (and accelerator pump). Except for the carb stuff, all that stuff should be in a top end gasket and seals set. You might also consider new rocker arm bushings and adjustable pushrods, but the latter is a "nice to do" not "have to do". Also, check the condition of your front motor mount.

    If you are gonna do it, now is the time to have the jugs, cylinder heads, and valve covers recoated. Again, "nice to do" not "have to do".

  5. Breeze3at

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    Travhous; Yea, everything TQuentin said above. Plus the sevice manual says you are supposed to use new cyl. studs because of stretch and it changes the torque settings. I know someone who has done it without replacing them with no ill effects. Also if you have had leaking base gaskets on the left front of cyls., there is a "pigtail" fix available, but not really necessary with James or Comotec gaskets. I do not know anyone that has replaced head gaskets without doing base gaskets also.
  6. maine-e-axe

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    I've done my 89 flh with just pulling the head and puttin a new head gasket and gasket that goes between the head and the rocker box useing the same rubber rocker box seals without trouble, cheap and easy.:s
  7. springer03

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    no morer than the cost.. head bolts replacment is a given. will be a lot better in the long haul.:cheers Hope it works out. have the beer and GET R DONE
  8. Fossil

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    Be sure to find out why the head gasket sprung a leak. Look closely at the base gasket on the rear jug to see if it is leaking. If so or you decide to take the barrels off then use the Harely base gaskets for late EVO's. Those gaskets are like using fly paper as they are sticky on both sides and until you pull the jugs loose again they will not leak. I have found that stock HD gaskets fit better and do the job at the right price. Like every one said the torgue values on the head bolts are very important. Fossil