Evo Engine seal leak...

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by seetwisted, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Background,I had an on going leak from behind the front pulley.The vicinity of the altinator..I did some searches and tried different things.I found the shoulder that the seal fits in was scratched/gouged,I found that the spacer on the shaft that the seal rides on was scratched/gouged..
    4 seals,spacer,checked the drain hole under the bearing,a few tricks,...and still a leak.
    Last time around I'm looking at thing real close..
    I have a BDL belt drive,and a large steel washer/spacer is between the altinator and the pulley,there are some bolts on the back of the pulley that the washer was hitting instead of setting flat.I changed out the bolts to button heads for more clearance and noticed bolts coming through the pulley from the front were also sticking out a bit..some shorter bolts were exchanged there. I think these were some bits of ''character'' left behind by the previous owner/owners.
    My bike is a 95 Dyna,and I had noticed in my searches for a solution that some other riders had leaks in conjunction to belt drives. So maybe this is one more remedy that can be added to the arsinal. Make sure along with everything else,that everything seats flat so oil doesn't ride down the splines and out between the washer/spacers/altinator/pulley.