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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by ccryder, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Hi All, Have a 1996 Heritage with minor mods....80", EV-27 cam, .050 off the heads,& .030 head gasket, modified cv carb. I need to pull the heads...suspected valve stem seal issues.
    We usually ride 2 up. I'm not crazy about the EV-27 cam. I'm running a 65 T rear pulley. I would kind of like the Cam to start coming on a little earlier than 1500-2000 rpm.
    I'm thinking about maybe an Andrews EV-23 cam. Would I feel any difference...or am I just wasting time & $? Are these 2 cams too close to notice? I did notice the lift is a little different.
    Any other Brand cam options?
  2. Breeze3at

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    No cams are going to give you noticeably more power @ 1500, it's just the physics of the engine, and your 65 T rear sprocket is compounding it. Most carb. mods are more for hp gain and not torque, a slower responding carb. might help your bottom end, as would a slightly restrictive exhaust system. Since you ride 2 up, look at mods. aimed for heavier bikes, since that's what you basically are.
  3. Slo-Ryd

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    I agree with Breeze.....although the EV23 will come in about 200 rpms lower than the 27, I would keep the EV27 and got to a 70T rear pulley and 132T belt. Yes it requires tearing into the primary, but man would it give that bike some giddy up down low. The only drawback will be your highway rpms at cruise will go up by a few hundred rpms, but I doubt you run at 85-90 all the time. The trade off is worth it in my opinion due to the ability to pass easier at highway speeds with the better roll on due to higher gear ratio.
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    I agree your sprocket is partly the culprit. I have always used ev27 cam's as it seems like the best all around riding cam. If your looking for more torque restrict the exhaust to add some back pressure. I suggest dropping the exhaust and adding some power cones instaed of muffling the sound of your pipes with baffles.
  5. ccryder

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    Hi, Do those Power Cones really help? I've thought about changing my 2 into 2 aftermarket exhaust over to 2 into 1 pipes. Heard you get more low end torque out of 2 into 1 system!
    Another obstacle I have with pipe changes is my floorboards front & rear.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Most quality head pipes have a built in step to help with exhaust scavenging