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    can anyone tell me if i can put an air cleaner kit on my 92 evo without jetting the carb and will it help the performance at all ,also can i put my stock air cleaner cover back on or does the kit come with a new one any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated
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    You could, but you probably shouldn't. You will get better performance from the money you are spending if you tune your carb to suit your configuration (air cleaner, pipes/slip-ons). Check this:

    CV Carb Rejet Pics - Harley Davidson Community
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    I put the CV Carburetor Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner Kit #29008-90A on my '91 Dyna. I would bet that this would fit your bike too. The filter element is from K&N and is oiled. The stock cover fits back on.

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  3. glider

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    TQ is right, you could but shouldn't without rejetting the carb. It would lean it out too much.
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    The SE and Ness Big Sucker will use the stock cover,others too. If you're increasing airflow you should increase the fuel to match or it'll be running lean on ya. Breather kit,freeflowing pipes and rejet(called paying the Harley Tax) it's the best bang for the buck upgrade and you'll really notice a seat of the pants performance gain.