EVO 80 Top End and Bottom End

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  1. wdrworm

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    carb kit. Performance was good, but after a few months was told that I was having severe "blow-by". Symptoms was oil coming out of the carb and breather. Top end job was done with Wiseco 10:1 pistons and bored one over. I started the break in process by riding it for 500 miles at varying speeds. While I was breaking it in, I noticed that the power was not where I thought it should be. It didnt "feel right" or "sound right" and I thought the vibrations were alot more that they should have been. After the 500 mile, I started to ride it a bit harder and it seemed that the motor was being "held down". I took it back to the shop (independent shop) so he could drain the fluids and cut the oil filter in half to see if there were any metal shavings. I asked him to ride it before he did anything. He was gone for about 20 minutes and came back and said that he thinks there is a problem with the crank/fly wheel and that he feels that something is holding the engine back. Now he wants to do a bottom end job.
    My questions are:
    1. Does this sound legit? The bike had an easy 65K ridden on it and I thought that this was too soon for a total rebuild.
    2. Did I hurt the top end by riding it for 500 miles with a "suspect" flywheel/crankshaft?
    3. Am I throwing good money away? I dont know what else the problem could be.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks - Worm
  2. HDDon

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    First how many miles are on the bike? Are you running stock cams and stock pushrods? What do you mean by carb kit? Why did you go to 10:1 compression pistons? Did your indi do a compression check and a leak down test? Oil coming out of the carb and breather could just be the umbrella valves needed to be replaced. What AC are you using?
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    If bike was running ok prior to top end being done i would suspect something not right with the top end job
    Compression test, leak down test, should be the start point not just a quick ride and some expensive work needs done

  4. wdrworm

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    65K miles on bike. It has stock cams and pushrods. Carb kit is a S and S Super E carb. After the EFI failed for the 4th time, we had the EFI removed. As far as the 10:1 pistons, I got a good deal on them. He told me the blowback was caused by something called "piston slap". Not sure what you mean about AC.
    Thanks for your help!
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    Is this the same shop that did the machine work to install your new pistons?
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Rare an Evo bottom end needs service with that kind of mileage, I would have a look at the oil pump and breather gear, too much oil in the bottom end will cause a lot of drag on the flywheels:s