Everyone watch out

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  1. 01dynaglide

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    it seems to happen more and more around Christmas time. My wife just called me and someone has gotten a hold to our checking account number and wiped it out. I guess the only good thing is that wife works at the bank and it can be fixed pretty fast and painless but everyone be careful and keep a eye out because you never know when it can happen.
  2. glider

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    Scammers abound this time of the year. Watch the replies to the emails and credit cards too, most of the time they are scams to get your info.

    Always enter YOUR OWN address in the address bar on your computer to go to your bank or credit card site and never use a link that is sent to you in an email.
    Quite often they are mirrored pages to look just like your own bank or credit card and ask for validation of your info. Once you do that, count on your account being cleaned out.:hii
  3. T wrecks

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    Yes, I've had one email asking me to verify my bank account details. I realised it was a scam immediatly.