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Ever take pictures of your spouse on your bike nude?


One of the first things that I want to do is take some pictures of my girlfrind on my bike nude. She is more then willing to do it for me and developing them is not a problem since I am a photographer with my own lab. Has anyone else ever done something like this?
Well I don't have a spouse but I don't think a man naked would be all that hot on a bike. You have given me an idea though and I will keep it in mind for the future incase I ever need a good gift giving idea.
LOL! What an odd thread. I would have never thought to have asked this question. As a part time model I do have some rather risque pictures of myself on my bike. There is nothing sexier then a hot woman on a hot bike.
This has to be one of the more bizarre threads I have seen. My wife won't let me do that but I'm trying to convince her to when I get my Night rod Special.
Yeah, I took a picture of my wife when I was on my bike nude!

Oh, hang on you mean a picture of my wife nude while she was on my bike? errr, no..........not yet!


how about a link to a few photos of my babies. My new favourite arrived yesterday - Gabriel Robert!
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Come, on, y'all. this is not weird. It's normal. It's what guys think about. Both myself and my sister have given our spouses those kinds of pictures of ourselves, done with an artistic bent, not porno, glamour shot style, and I have a huge nude oil painting in one room. We just close the door if there's a relative who can't handle it coming over. I plan to get some"special shots" done, as soon as my new leather clothes come in, and I have a couple of guys that are good photographers that are glad to help out. Sorry I won't be able to post all of them, but I'll post the ways I can. You can keep them if you like them. If you can't be a little naughty sometimes, what's the point? You only live once. You can be naughty and nice at the same time. Santa Claus told me so. (I got quite a good Christmas picture, too...but that's another story.) Y'all stop hemming and hawing and get real. Somewhere out there is a girl who likes to pose.Go find her.:40:(Unless you'er already married.)Soft-tail Norma