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Ever heard of company American Classic Motors in Pennsylvania ???


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They have a sweet softail i'm intersted in. 2006 softail. 1 year factory warranty remains. Pipes, lowering kit etc... does this void warranty? will pipes pass emissions..? are pipes running too lean..? they claim they sell many bikes per month. Claim they buy/ sell only premium bikes for repeat business, etc. + they say they put on their dyno test, etc... Who are they. Would you trust them..? thanks gents.:confused:
2007 Recall issues.... to be concerned...?

I'm on the verge (luckily) of a 2007 night train. However, I am considering a 2006 night train, pre-owned. I dont really care about the bigger motor or the extra gear. Seems the 2006 may be more solid than the new 2007 motor, which has some kinks to work out... etc.... What's your take..? thank you for your help.:eek:
Ever heard of this place...? Pennsylvania dealer...

American Classic Motors... thinking of buying from them.... thanks for any info. Legit..? Reputable...? :eek:
I have heard about them but can't tell you much.......... As far as warranty.. from my understanding the bike itself would be covered under warranty because Harley goes by the VIN number not the owner and when it was put into service BUT... the aftermarket parts won't be covered. If you bought the motorcycle new and had the shop put on all the parts they would warranty them . In this case I don't think they are covered. If it has pipes on it they alone that shouldn't cause a lean condition. If they said they dynoed the bike I'm sure they would have fixed any problems. They are in buisness to sell bikes and if they sell crap then I am sure it will come back to bite them. Go look the bike over very good first.
Good luck