EV27 vs S&S 510V cam

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    I have a stock 97 Fatboy that I want to make a few adjustments to this winter. After doing some research I'm pretty set on the EV27. I ran this in my 95 Fatboy for 10 years with no complaints. The local shop wrench I was bouncing my ideas off suggested I consider the S&S 510V. I couldn't find much written up on this one. There is loads of first hand experience documented for the EV27. Everything else being equal I'm betting that I wouldn't notice the difference but figured I'd post to see if somebody had some experience or knew of a reference about this S&S cam. I did find specs for it and a small write up. I included the EV27 for comparison.

    510V 20/38 52/20 238 252 0.510

    * For engines up to 93” with no greater than 10:1 compression
    * “Bolts-in” and works with stock or ported heads - about a 10 horsepower gain over stock
    * Horsepower gains similar to S&S® 502 cam but better low and midrange torque
    * Improved ramp design for quieter operation
    * Valve spring spacing not required
    * Other normal clearance checks recommended

    EV27 20/36 44/16 236 240 0.495