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  1. doktur12

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    My 2007 FLHR has both check engine light and battery light stay on. Have read a lot on bad stators and regulators. Codes are P0562 and P0151.
    Not ready for the dealer yet as I would like to be able to troubleshoot from this end. With the help of the forum members of course. Any suggestions?
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest start here then go to self help section to check for codes:s
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  3. Mavagrand

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    These are the codes my bike threw when my regulator went bad. What shape is your battery in? Your bike is getting some years on it, I'd look at replacing your battery no matter what the problem is
  4. doktur12

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    Thanks, I was thinking about the regulator and battery. I'll start there, but was worried the stator was bad as well. Battery has a full charge but i did that this weekend. The Multimeter I had was a piece of crap and had to return it.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    A battery tender is a good idea if you don't ride every day:s 12.7 volts is full charge on your battery, if in doubt replace it, you can do a sniff test of the primary fluid if it smells like burned wiring chances are good your alternator has gone south. A weak battery raises problems with the whole electrical system
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    A 2007 with the original factory battery? That's 5 years old. That original 19 amp/hour battery is probably now 10 amp hour. Yes, it's fully charged but it's only a fully charged 10 amp/hour battery. That's how it works.