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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wobray, Aug 10, 2008.

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    A week ago I noticed that my 2007 RK Stdr. with the Thunder-Max ECM "auto tune module" was , on the speedo, registering 15-20 MPH LESS that actual. Also, the little green 6th gear light would not come on when it was in 6th gear.
    The codes were: U1016, U1300.
    I called the Service Manager at my Dothan, Al., HD and Keith told me it was probably the ECM. I had just spoken with the guys at TM and they said that they had not heard of those codes associated with that problem OR on a R King.
    Keith said that they would replace the Thunder-Max with my HD ECM, ride it and see what the story was from there.
    Today I replaced the TM unit and the O2 sensors with the OEM ECM and sensors.
    Problem solved.
    I am sending the unit back to TM with a letter. Will see how this turns out.
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    It's not the first time I heard of the TM having a problem on the newer bikes. Still too new for me to try one out yet.
    I've also heard of a similar problem as yours with the codes.

    U1016 Loss of ECM Serial Data, Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Inhibit Motion or Power train Security Status TSM/TSSM

    U1300 Serial Data Low Carb

    Sounds like a communication problem with the TM
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    did you make sure on the basic settings on the map you chose that the speedo cal was set to 42450?
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    The speedo error is in the basic set-up for the ThunderMax like he said.The seriel data code should be fixed with a firmware update for the ThunderMax module.Open up the 'Max software and on the menu bar find configure.Run the cursor over it and another menu will come up.Click on check firmware update.Download the latest upgrade.Then click on upgrade module after hooking up to the bike and turning the ignition and run switches on.That will take care of speedo errors and 6th gear light issues.
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    Speedo Cal:
    This setting is a calibration value, which differs in relation to certain years and/or models
    of motorcycles. Note that an incorrect speedometer calibration can also affect other
    electronic accessory functions. Check the Speedo Cal for your year and model
    This step must be performed before attempting to ride the motorcycle for the
    first time. Zippers cannot be held responsible for an inaccurate speedometer
    calibration if this step is not followed or neglected. Traffic violations may
    result if your speedometer does not match your local traffic authority’s radar
    The entry can be from 1 to 99,999. At this time, the known base numbers are as follows:
    2004-2005 40960
    Dyna® 2006-2008 45900
    CVO 2008 42450
    2001-2003 4352
    Softail® 2004-2006 40960
    2007 - 2008 42450
    2002 4352
    2003 20480
    2004-2006 40960
    2007 (16”)
    2007 (17”) 42000
    XL 883 2007 - 2008 48400
    XL 1200 2007 - 2008 46000

    Final Drive Ratio:
    A setting for “Final Drive Ratio” is only needed on 2007 motorcycles with a 6th Gear
    Indicator light. The default value that should be used for a 2007 motorcycle is 87.
    Please note that this value is merely a compensation factor for the calibration needed to
    activate the light, not the actual Final Drive Ratio of the motorcycle. Please disregard
    this function if you do not have a 6th gear indicator lamp.
    Dyna® Model motorcycles, use a value of 84 for this setting to illuminate the light.

    Gear 6 MIN TPS:
    The smallest value of throttle position that will allow 6th gear display. This function is
    only used on motorcycles equipped with OEM 6 speed transmissions and a 6th gear
    indicator light on the instrument cluster. If your application does not have a 6th gear
    indicator light, set the value to 0.
    The default value bikes equipped with this feature is 40. For any reason, if your 6th
    gear indicator light is inoperable, please confirm that you have firmware version 4.3 or
    later. Also confirm that the value in the 6th gear min TPS is 40. If not, enter this value
    and write it to the module.

    All this is in the instructions that come with the ecm. I can't believe if you talked to Randy Dull at Zippers that he wouldn't have had you check those settings and your firmware version before sending it back.