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Error Code 1356


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I have a 2004 Road King that has running right since I purchased it 4 years ago. But after the 15000 miles service the engine began to runs rough and sometimes quits, especially at when cold (its an EFI).....the best way I can describe the sound at idle is as if a long duration race cam had been installed in a car engine. The bike seems to run fine at high speeds. I performed a diagnostics and came back with an error code 1356 Rear Combustion Cylinder. Any suggestions?? Thanks. Tony
Check the injector wires to the rear injector. There's been a few that were strapped to tightly from the factory and the engine being a rubber mount would eventually break the copper inside the sheathing. The wire will be intact to look at it but the copper breaks within usually within an inch or two of the plug itself. Usually a wiggle test of the wire while it's running will cause a miss if this is the problem. Other than that check the plug wires and make sure they are on the plugs tightly and that the plugs are OK and gapped right.