Erratic Speedometer 2008 FXD Superglide

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    Read this forum many times. Giving back: Son's 08 FXD developed speedo issues in the rain. Sprayed the bike systematically in areas till problem developed. Got to the Vehicle Speed Sensor and voila! problem. My two sons changed the VSS and the problem presisted. I brought the bike home to work on it and discovered
    via the wiring diagram wire colors that what I thought was the VsS was actually the neutral sensor, BUT apparently the water spraying off the neutral sensor hit the VSS area. Like most, I dread the wire chasing on any motorcycle. While budging wires around, I noticed some arc marks on the frame under the VSS wires.
    My point: On this 08 Dyna, the VSS wires wrap aroundanother main wire harness then go to the sensor. Why? Don't know. In doing this wrap, they develope hard contact with the frame and eventually wear thru. Water makes the connection first then continued wear doesn't need the water.
    MY solution: Since two of the wires had bare copper, I had to reinsulate them.
    YOUR solution: If you have a Dyna, look at the VSS(3 wire sensor uner the stater and obviously a pain to access). If your harness does a wrap around before going to the sensor, disconnect the plug, unwrap it and replug. You're done! Or, if you insist on keeping the wires where they are, get some 3/8" spaghetti from Advance Auto, or similar, and slide it over the harness to mitigate the wear.
    I hope this post saves at least one person the anguish I had finding the problem. Thanks to everyone here for all of there valuable input!

    Sincerely, Bob
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    Good info, thanks for giving back Bob!
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    Great info Bob. Thanks for sharing....:s
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    Thanks, you just might have saved someone a lot of head scratching and heartburn.
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    Thank you for this input, it could save some members many hours of troubleshooting.