Enricher replacement

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by MN01Heritage, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. MN01Heritage

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    The common problem of the plastic nut on the backside of my enricher broke, I bought a new enricher assembly and now have to replace it. I have taken off and rebuild carbs on numerous snowmobiles and a few bikes in the past, but never a Harley. Anybody have any tips, tricks or pointers for the replacement of the enricher? It sounds fairly simple and straight forward as long as you take your time in doing it.
  2. karlsbike

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    It's easy, but take the carb off first. Important to make sure the new valve is seating properly when the knob is in. Be a bit careful with the plastic nuts...
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Adjust that plastic nut just enough to give you a bit of friction for the enricher to work, they break real easy