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    The cable itself is one of the cheapest things that HD sells. I think they run about 15 bucks or there about.
    Its not really hard to remove and replace, but just be careful when you replace the cable and make sure the metal collar that fits inside the elbow is seated good. If it isn't the cable will be short and the enricher will not be completely shut off.)
    Here is a little helper note that I found and may be helpful to you.
    Good luck with the repair...

    "To really adjust this correctly, you have to loosen the metal hex nut at the back of the bracket first.

    Here is the procedure:

    1. Loosen hex nut at backside of enricher bracket.
    2. Move cable assembly free of slot in mounting bracket.
    3. Hold cable assembly at flat (on the cable) with an adjustable wrench. Turn plastic nut by hand counterclockwise (reducing sliding resistance) until knob slides inward unaided.
    4. Turn plastic nut clockwise (increasing sliding resistance) until knob remains fully open without holding, and closes with relative ease.
    5. Position cable assembly in slot in bracket with hex nut and star washer behind bracket. Tighten hex nut to 20-35 in-lbs.

    This adjustment has to be made on a fairly regular basis. Especially if you ride all year with varying temps. Since it's a friction adjustment, it is affected by changes in temp. I pretty much have to adjust mine for each change of the season.
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    As always, Mr. Data, thank you for the information you give out.

    Ride safe.

    Old biker Bob
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    Glad to help out, remember , don't over tighten it.:s
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    I am glad you emphasize not over tightening. I tightened the nut on the back of mine till I heard a snap. Ooops, I forgot that it is only plastic. Now I have a brand new cable and a lesson learned. :bigsmiley14: