Enjoying my 1200 sportster

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by geoff, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Well I have had the chance to get a couple of hundred miles under my belt now,& I love the bike,I find it such an easy bike to ride,& realy strong engine response is an absolute joy,its like nothing I have ridden before.
    I have also started checking out how to adjust the primary chain & clutch,& found it a nice easy task to undertake.
    Going to fit new rear brake pads in the morning,as they are looking a bit down.Give it another week or so & I will be on top of the maintenance side of things.All made easy by the 'self help section' on this forum.
    I tend to use copper ease grease on a lot of the fasteners That I remove,as here in the uk the roads are salted,thats the one bugbear,when you have a frozen fastener,so a few to sort out with nice new nuts & bolts,& a gentle smear of the said grease should make the future bright.

    So Thanks for a truly fantastic forum,I'm hooked.:)
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    I had my sportster out on tuesday needed MOT and 60 mile round trip for me had new tyres and wheel bearings so took it easy on the way there and a wee bit more spirited on the way home waterproof gear held out and the new avon venom tyres are pretty good in the wet

  3. Jack Klarich

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    :s Enjoy your bike, Copper grease or Anti Sieze both very good products, I use it on every thing I take apart:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    Great you got to get out and ride.:D

    One thing to remember, IT IS easy to adjust the chain and easy to Over tighten it also. Take your time and HOLD the adjuster tight when locking the Nut...

    Then give it a spin while cover is off and Re-check for a TOO tightness... Yes, the primary adjustment is a Blessing... I like this Manual adjustment on my 2006 Sport Roadster 1200. I'd like to have it on my Big bike.:(

  5. geoff

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    Great you got your MOT test done Fin,I have the Avon Venom tyres too,they seem a good tyre I agree.

    That copper ease is a must have here in the uk jack,I use it on all my work mchinery too.

    Bubbie,thanks for the tips on the primary chain adjustment.:)