Engine Work at Hot Shot Motor Works

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    I thought I researched motor builders and had picked a good one. I was WRONG!!!
    Hot shot motorworks BEWARE!!! Do not use them! I had them build my 88 inch to a 95 inch. All kinds of problems. First they told me 2 weeks to complete, it was over 2 months before I got it back. Then it had a horrible tapping noise which ended up being piston slap from improper machine work, and I had an exhaust valve sticking and they installed my oil pump out of align. Ended up costing me two times more than it should have and he would not help me out at all. Owner was a jerk about it, blaming other people. Horrible horrible experience.
    Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere!
  2. R_W_B

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    Yea if you're not well known with a local engine rebuilder, or a national one of personal local referrers, it makes HD's new engine plan sound pretty good if you don't have the bucks for a new bike at the time.

    Course with HD there is no headwork or cam mod options (that I've heard of ? ) but I wonder if you could like replace your standard TC 96ci with a factory 103ci ?

    The central Florida area has a very reputable option not far from where I live with Doc's place up in Minneola, Florida.
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    Seems to me we have heard bad things from these guys before
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    Sorry to hear about your bad experence. I had some work done at Mother Road Harley in Kingman Az. They said about three days for a 103 and cam kit upgrade and they were true to their word. I was recomended by some of my CMA riders to try them. So far it has not given me any trouble of any kind. Have to go back for the Dyno run which was included in the price. It runs like a scalded dog now. Very happy with them. Maybe I was just lucky, ask around Vegas area and quite a few people from here go their for work. Don't like the Las Vegas Nv. shops. Just my thoughts