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    I got my motor all cleaned up & was going to spray it with brake cleaner then paint it black but when I got to the garage it & the bike were all wet from condensation so I let the bike dry off but when I looked at the motor it had little specs of white stuff all over the alum its kinda like powder

    cant paint it like that so I have tried to spray it then blow it off but nothing seems to get rid of the stuff I have seen this before on alum anybody got any ideas how to get rid of it with something besides a brush ????????

    thx noel
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    Some cleaning products have chemicals that oxidize the aluminum. I've had powdery spots like you describe, and water looking spots. They can be real difficult to remove. On rough surface use a brush, smooth surface, I had to polish out. If you are going to paint over, not so big of a problem as long as you have all of the spot causing stuff completely off.