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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tommys, Apr 21, 2013.

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    2011 ultra classic stage 3.5 kit installed at dealer screaming eagle fuel processor piston heads cams bike big air bike run like a rocket for about 2000 miles now I have developed a ping in the motor. Called dealer and they reset the fuel processor help a little but now the ping is getting worse again as the weather warms up. Called the dealer and they say it needs to be reset again just wandering what cause an engine to ping and if this is normall to have to tinker with the settings or if I'm being given the old run around.
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    Todays fuel causes more ping problems than anything. Highly recommened an octane booster that enhances the boost of the amount of ethonol in your fuel as well as assists in the breakdown of water. The fuel blend that the oil companies use in the winter tend to have more ethonol than the blends they use in the summer. With that being said more ethonol in the fuel tends to a larger build up of water in the fuel due to evaporation/condensation. Water in fuel tends to cause pinging, you may want to drain tank add fresh fuel see what happens.
    Thats my two cents worth since I can't see how the fuel managment system keeps resetting itself?
    Good Luck.
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    From the looks of it you have a built up engine that has a lot more compression than a stock engine. It is going to run hotter, especially in hot weather. You are probably going to have to change your engine timing before you get rid of the ping.
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    Not sure what your fuel processor is but it sounds like your set up is running lean. JMO