Engine performance re-build for '08 FLHTC. HELP!

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    I have an '08 FLTHC with about 10K miles. I have a V&H tuner, V&H Monster Oval slip-ons, stock pipes that have been ceramic coated inside & out. Kuryakin Big Sucker air cleaner. Runs OK. I use it for longer rides and usually with a load and passenger. I do NOT hotrod it. But I do want better performance/torque.
    Considering a rebuild with the HD Stage 3 kit to 103". I will use the newer HD race tuner. My biggest concern beyond improved torque is RELIABILITY. I don't want to lose that. Questions revolve around the: 1) Cam choice (HD 255 or 259... or even others?) 2) Pistons - stock compression or 10.5? I imagine that if I go to 10.5 I would need to use auto or manual compression release. 3) Heads - stock or high performance? With the heads, I would likely use HD, but I am open to aftermarket. This is my winter "keep me busy" project. I am an OK mechanic, but haven't done much wrenching in several years. Does anyone know any sort of sane, and completely competent engine builders in Central Ohio? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    OK ... let me add that the engine builder doesn't have to be completely sane, but should be controllable with appropriate medications!
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    If you're moving up to the 103 and ride 2 up, the 255 is a great cam choice, especially since you don't hot rod it. If I were going to do all that work I'd definately get different heads, proKompressors or the SE race model. I think stock compression (maybe slightly higher w/ SE heads) will be fine and more reliable/easy starting than hi compression pistons. Just my .02