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    most dependable and reliable engines between ; harley, S&S, jims, and rev tech. also on a harley engine that is well maintained how many miles can be expected before rebuild. evo vs twin cam.
  2. Porter

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    I have wondered this myself, but I don't think it will be an easy answer because much of it depends on riding style. If all those manufacturers are still in business, the product can't be that bad.

    I have heard that there are "weaknesses" in my 2007 96" like the bearings in the transmission and the "pressed in" two piece shaft, so I guess if I had to do a rebuild, I would look into improving those two things with other parts. But I would think that HD parts should be pretty available and so far for me they are holding up well.
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    Not a Rev Tech, foreign made now and oil leakers, IMO a properly maintained evo or twin cam will give you a lot of trouble free miles. I have put 50k on 92, 97 Evos with regular maintanance, my last 02 Superglide saw 28k before I sold it no problems there, For the most part it is hard to beat The Mo Co, jmo:s
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    I have had many different Harley setups and configurations. I think the Twin Cam and all it's optional setups is the best. I did a 95 build and was pretty happy. I did the 104 build (103 bored 10 over) and man she runs great. I was riding these back when the 74's were king and an 80 was hotrodding it. The old shovels leaked (alot sometimes). My TC is leak free even after tearing it down twice. A mixture of parts can get you just the ride you want. And there is alot of experience and help here too so you can do it yourself if you are inclined to try. My two cents. :D
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    I assume you're talking about new machines. My 09 TC has been very reliable. Just ride it and do normal maintenance. On the other hand my last bike was a 1976 hardtail chopper ironhead sportster. Ride it for a while-work on it for a while. About every 25,000 miles you can expect a rebuild, especially top end. But after rebuilding it it would run like a raped ape. It would blow the doors off my glide (if it had doors) in a sprint. Those old ironheads engines were the best looking and most bad-(EDIT) bikes Harley ever made. Most folks who had them would ride them like they were stolen which didn't help with reliability and then sell them to the next sucker.

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