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Discussion in 'Oil' started by HiTeckRedNeck, Sep 9, 2013.

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    I have an 01 Electra Standard. Recently my wife and I took it on a small trip about 150 each way. Did fine all the way up there and around town while there. On the way back, almost home, I lost power when trying to excel, but not staying at speed. I went another mile or so, then pulled to the side of the highway. When I did, I had oil spilling from the back of my air filter and a tad bit spittin from the right side tail pipe. How bad of damage am I looking at? Ended up bringing it home on a trailer not wanting to risk any more engine damage, but my fear is that its a gonner. Anyone here that can take an educated guess at my issue and what I'm looking at? Thanks, Ben
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    Need lots more info. Tell us about your bike and ANY mods you've done. What was the last mod or maintenance work you did?

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    DOUBT if it is a goner :s

    LOTS of things here...

    Like the DR. says..... ANSWERS Needed on Mods.

    Could have been the oil pump seal to the motor and Now NOT (sucking into the secondary gerotors) getting the oil Back from the engine...

    Pushing oil through the intake and into the cylinder head area also out the exhaust...

    These bikes also have Old style breather seals that is Not the cause though but could be replaced when or IF torn down.

    I suspect the lack of removing the oil from the engine compartment as the problem and Crank swimming in oil and shoving every place NOT normal, forcing it out the air intake.....

    DID you have oil-pressure at the time this happened???? Was the IDIOT Light ON BEFORE you shut engine down????

    Like DR. says LIST ALL you have done to this motor.

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    Welcome to The Forum, Have you recently done an oil change and over filled the tank?
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    Its pretty much stock except from python slip on exhaust. Just went over 40k miles before this trip. The idiot light did not come on before I shut the bike down. Last maint was an oil change, but had at least 1000 miles on it before this trip and the guy I bought it from just had a big service done at 37k miles. A guy at work says it may be the head gasket from listening to me telling him the same thing. Someone else suggested I lost a piston. But that doesnt make sense because I didnt loose power except when trying to keep speed up going uphill. When we were on the side of the highway, I sent my wife in with a friend while I waited for the trailer, but after it cooled down, I fired it off and it ran fine to the next exit to get it off the turnpike. No problems getting to speed, no lack of power it didnt seem. But when I shut it down again to wait for the trailer it was spittin oil again.
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    A compression test will tell you for sure