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  1. bridgeman

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    I have a 2000 ultra with 44000 miles on it and since I had 5700 miles on it I heard a "ticking" noise in the engine and had it back to the dealer many times only to be told that it was the injectors making noise and to not worry about it.
    Well as time went on it got louder. It sounds like a lifter isn't pumping up. It only happens warm and at around 2400 rpm and above.

    I want to tear it down but was hoping someone could help with ideas as to what to look for.

    If anyone else has heard of this please let me know what you found out.


  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Kinda had the same problem. Now on the gloom and doom side. Mine had 48k on the clock and it developed piston slap. Took it in complaining about what I thought was a lifter and the "PHD's" said piston slap. The noise would come on about 2400 rpm. It would start soft and get louder then stop for a second or two and start back up.

    Got it fixed and a lifter still ticked sometimes but not the same noise I had before. I changed my oil to Mobil 1 V-Twin and has quitened down alot.