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    Hi, hoping for some help on engine light problems, Reading post, but so many about this. Here's what I have. 2003 Ultra Classic. Turn on see engine light and goes out as suppose to. Start bike and in couple seconds light comes on for about 8 seconds and goes out. I read on how to get codes and this is what I see. Push odom button turn bike on and I see
    d01CLr as I push odom button this is what I see each time
    and it goes in succession to d10CLr, then it says PPU. next click is 82883 and thats the last before starting over with d01CLr. Does anyone know what this means? I would appreciate any help or input.
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    Diagnostic codes for 2003 Road King? - Harley Davidson Community Have a look at post 6 does this help? Welcome to The Forum