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    hi guys i have just bought my first Harley a Road King classic but i have one problem which is the engine light either stays on all the time or goes off and on i have taken it to my local dealer who wasnt particulary helpful and as with a lot of dealers in the uk seamed only interested in the hourly rate, so any help or advice would be useful, also i would like to fit some slip on mufflers and air filter but need a fuelpak or down load to make the bike run nicely but Vance and Hnes do not make one for my model year so any help would on doing this would be appreciated.:cheers
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    Is your bike carbed or fuel injected. My light came on a couple of weeks ago. I talked to my dealer and he told me if the bike is starting and running ok, not to worry about it. He said the light will go out after 50 start run cycles. My bike is a 2000 carbed so there is no air temp sensor or O2 sensors etc. Like Hobbit said go to the self help. My dealer said something as simple as a backfire when starting will set the light on
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    Instead of the fuel pac, why not think about a TFI which is more used friendly and easy to install. No mapping either.

    Once your codes are checked and recorded, it will take 50 start and run cycles of at least 20 seconds each to clear the codes if it is a historic code or the dealer can clear them if you can't wait. It doesn't sound like the dealers there are any better than here.

    EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

    Many topics on it here...

    EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
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    Welcome to the forum, I agree with everyone else, there is a code in there and it doesn't take much for the dealer to hook up a scanntool and read the code and reset it for you. Your bike will cycle thru and eventually the light will go out, but for me, I would want to know what that trouble code was for. There is a combination of on/off with your switch and that will set the light in blink mode and each blink represents a digit, for me it was very hard to read a code this way, but it is possible, this was on a 98, don't know if they changed it later on. Good luck! Tom
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    Wouldn't it be faster and easier to clear the codes from within the diagnostics on the speedo? After you read and write down the codes you can clear them by holding in the reset button.
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    Can't clear codes on a 2000 bike :s (dealer only)