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engine light comes on


I have a 02 ultra classic that the engine light keeps coming on. I took it to the harley shop & they read it ( P1357) . The code is an intermittent secondary front EFI. Does that mean that I have a bad injector? Or where should I start looking!
Something is wrong here. The P1357 code if for 04 and later bikes but it does mean an intermittent secondary front EFI ,only not for your bike.

The cause of this code on an 04 or later bike means spark plug wire or plug problems. I have seen a few times where the tip on the plug is loose where the plug wire goes on and that has set this code but on the 04 and later bikes.

Check with the dealer that told you this about this code and find out if they know what they are doing because it sure doesn't look like they do.
I looked up the codes on & thats where it said intermittent secondary front EFI. The dealer I took it to said something about coil miss fire? Does that sound more like the problem. I have checked the plug wires.They are tight. They did clear out the code. But it came back after I got in to it getting on the Hwy! And the light comes back on if I hotrod it a little.
Where is this Harley Help you reference? Got a link, it looks like they listed the codes incorrectly.

Could possibly be a coil as in cracked etc or electrically shorting out. Look for anything that looks like a pencil line from the high tension to ground. Coils rarely go bad so suspect a plug wire or plug.

Here's the codes for the different years. The first one should pertain to your bike.

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