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Engine Lamp on Dyna SuperGlide 2006-problem


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Hello all-new to the forum, but glad it's here! :s
I just purchased a pre-owned 2006 Dyna SuperGlide, and started to notice that the engine lamp is coming on periodically when I've been riding for over an hour.
Any ideas? It doesn't stay on long, but I'm fairly certain that this is indicating some sort of potential overheating?


All the information you would need is in this forum.

More specifically this one post.

Take a look through the entire forum, there's a lot of info in there that can help you out.

You can also find a list of all the topics in that forum if you use the feature at the top left of all the pages including this one.
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Let us know what you find when you pull the code out.

The fact that it doesn't stay on means that it is a historic code and not present at this particular time when riding or something that clears itself otherwise the light would remain on.
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