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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by red ryder, Dec 11, 2015.

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    If your Harley has suddenly started to kick-back on a HOT start that sounds & feels like something in the primary is coming apart , you know , that LOUD CLANK-BANG ! Don't just blow that off as normal Harley sounds . If it continues to do this intermittently be forewarned that sooner or later the "STATOR" and or the "COMPENSATOR" are on there way to destruction & will damage the "RECTERFIER / REGULATOR in the process leaving you stranded even with that brand new fully charged battery ! Ask me how I know !

    Hey , its only money ! :D
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    OK. How do you know? And, what can you tell us about the cause?

    Rich P
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    After installing a DYNA-TECH ignition module ( professionally installed ) on some hot start situations the engine would kick-back & make an awful mechanical crash bang inside the primary . This started about a week after having the module installed . It got progressively worse & happened more often than not . Had the Indy check it all out as he has one in his own Harley .
    Finally after another week of this torture I had it replaced with the screaming eagle street module . Immediately the horrific crash-bang stopped , but the damage had been done evidently . One night out in the country the check engine light came on & the speedometer quit & the bike started back-firing really loudly , then started running on one cylinder . Had to have it towed to the Indy . Supposedly they checked the entire charging system & told me my brand new battery had taken a dump ,I just needed a new battery ! After I installed a brand new battery the bike did ok as long as I just went for short rides but after a couple of 2-hour rides started draining my new battery . Also I always put the tender on after every ride & noticed it took longer & longer to get the battery back up to full charge .
    Took it to the H D dealer & they found that the STATOR was shorted out causing all my problems . So , I just keep throwing money at it . :D
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    In my opinion, you had several contributing factors all working together. Hot stall/kickback soon after Dynatek install, may be due to Dyna static advance setting, S.E. module install stopped it, may be due again to a different static advance. Often, a weak battery (due to shorted stator or regulator, or just old batt.), worn starter components/contacts contribute to hot stall/kickback. Stators and regulators work together, and a faulty one, can kill the other due to heat. Even very good mechanics stop trouble shooting when they find one fault, only to discover there are several later. Your bike has the Good compensator, seldom fails.
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    Unless the motor has been highly modified, as in, more displacement, more compression, longer cams, ported heads, etc., there was no need to install a Dynatek ignition module. If the OEM module went bad, replacing with an OEM module would have been the right thing to do. The factory ignition map can handle most minor performance upgrades like a typical "big bore" upgrade; no need for a programmable ignition module.:s
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    OEM ignition module cuts off at what seems like 4500 RPM , that was why I went for the A/M module . Back in the eighties none of my EVO's had that feature . I suppose without a tach on W/G's MOCO figured without this feature they would be looking at warranty claims . After the SE module install even my gas mileage increased . I figured because the INDY mechanic had a Dyna-Tec on his race bike he should know how to set-up one with my stock bike . Seems I will never learn about assumptions downfall ! LOL.

    PS-got an almost brand new Dyna-Tec module for sale cheap , still in the box !
    $100.00 :bigsmiley12:

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    Reading First Post I'd have said Change Advance ****Back Off 2* and try it there...

    I had an SE programable Harley Tuned that allowed Timing Settings and Maps with RPM choices: all for my carbed 00 motor...

    That Tuner is Sought after even today; as it WAS One of the best on the market for a carbed bike...

    HD quit building it as EFI was com'n More popular dropping the Carbed SE programable Tuner...:cry

    Now NO carb on all their Rides only EFI.... some are :(

    But I LOVE EFI NOW....:bigsmiley36:

    I would not even think Carb on my 09 King