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Engine Heat


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I'm in the process of purchasing my first HD. I've read about issues with excessive engine heat (at idle) for the 2007 models. My question is, how real is it? And, is it a big enough issue to wait for a 2008 model?
It's a real issue but how much time do you spend sitting still. I added the TFI fuel management to mine and while it runs much better, it didn't cool it off that much. The 08's are just as bad from what I hear.

Cams as well as ignition timing will greatly help in this department. The stock cams are EPA compliant and there's another reason for the heat, they can't breathe.
My 2007 Heritage gets quite hot on very hot days. When air temps run from 92 to 102+, the oil temp gauge reads between 235 after a long run, then hitting up to to 250 degrees in stop and go traffic.

I purchased the RSJOriginals heat shields back in mid August, but didn't get them installed until late September. I only had one good ride with them so far where the air temps reached 94. While I could still feel heat coming off the rear head, it was NOT the intense, blistering heat I had before installing them. Plus they look cool!

I'll keep evaluating them through next summer.
may have to look at getting some of them

Here's a couple of pics of the shields after I installed them.


very nice i like how they look like thery should have been there from the factory were would i get them from as i have never seen anything similar over here
Cheers Rob


I have heard nothing but good about the RJS part.

Here's his site.

Emailed them to see if they ship here, thanks guy's

Yeah Hobbit, they do look like they belong there, don't they. RJ has them both with and without studs, but the studded ones match the seat so well. And they were easy to install after the seat is removed.

RJ was a pleasure to deal with, and he really seems to care about his customers being happy. I know that RJ ships to someplaces overseas, so he'll probably be able to take care of you. Sorry I didn't think to include a link in my post before.
factoring in the size of the engine, and EPA regulations, all the models from now on will be hot, but i've ridden an 07 softtail, and it's not so hot that you can't stand it. when ur not moving it gets kind of hot.
It doesn't look like RJS makes anything for Sportys... Maybe when I go to pick up my new bike this morning I should just trade it in. LOL
sharky, if you're asking about heat issues on the 1200 sportster engines, i wouldn't worry about it. mine is carbureted b/c it's an '06, but i doubt the EFI 1200 gets much hotter, and the only time it might get hot is when its in the 90's outside and ur sitting still.