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Engine Guards - Low Rider

I'm looking for an engine guard for my '08 Low Rider. The only one that seems to be available is the one made by HD and from the pictures I've seen I don't like the profile / shape. Are there any other options?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry 'bout that edit, fat fingers:D

If I remember correctly, I believe it was a touring bike myself:D
Hey! One step at a time guys! I've got to get a few miles under my belt. And, I love tinkering. I know the ROI sucks on this kind of thing; but, it's fun.

When the Sporty is fully dressed, then I'll upgrade! :s

Oh yes, my wife is considering buying a scoot. Really, a scoot!! As in a Yamaha scooter!
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Just think if you were adding ll these parts to lets say a road king:D Then you'd be done!:lolrolling
Wow Sharky, that's wild... my Mrs also said she'd be willing to try to ride a scooter... a Vespa or something. Sure, we'd never be tearing up the highways together... but we'd at least be able to ride some backroads together. I say go for it, if she's willing... let her at it! And in CT, if it's under 50cc, she doesn't need a M license.

She's got her eye on a Yamaha Morphous...250cc. It's the shifting she's not keen on. (She drives a automatic BMW cage. :bigsmiley15:)

OH.....and it has to be an SE RK??:D

You have to admit it's a pretty nice ride. Of course, I could just get the RK and turn it into the SE over time...