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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by racerx, May 10, 2009.

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    I am looking to replace my engine guard with either Linbar or Kuryakyn Ergo plus. Anyone have any imput on comfort, design ETC.

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    Your sig indicated you're riding a 2008 SG. I'm riding a 2008 FLHTC. Same basic frame, right?

    When I had the opportunity, I swapped out the standard guard for the Harley "moustache" guard -- and discovered something interesting: the new 6 gallon tank is "fatter" than the old tank, and I can't wrap my legs around the tank to put my feet on the rubber pads on the guard!!!

    I solved the problem by putting a set of highway pegs onto a pair of adjustable peg mounts, and lined the pegs up with the pads on the bar.

    Sit on your ride and make sure you'll be comfortable where your hits hit the pads on the guard. If you're not... you might save some serious $$.
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    1+ for checking your fit before you buy...when touring long distances, alternate foot positions are a must. Though I have a Sporty, atop my Lindby Engine guards are all rubber footrests, never tried them before a couple weeks ago on a long 900 mile ride on the super slab and stretched all the way out. Surprised my that being only 5' 6" I would actually find them very comfortable...my right leg just clears the S&S Tear Drop Air Cleaner.

    It seems that sometimes even the forward controls do not allow your legs to stretch out (especially if you get leg cramps) unless you have highway pegs or foot rests on the engine guards to extend them and rub them if you don't want to stop. Happens to me when running in hot sticky weather.