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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Armyguard, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Armyguard

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    I was dead set on getting a Street Bob until I saw the 09's ugly grey engine casing, same problem with the Super Glides. What can be done about it. Paint, Powder coat, covers or just get a set of pipes that cover it the most. Anyone know any realistic options?
  2. The Bad Man's Angel

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    silver cases are paint not powder coat
  3. glider

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    Not too many know that either. The black is powder coat and the silver is painted unlike the older silver cases that were natural finish.
  4. SilverFoXD

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    Might want to check the Honda VTX forums on painting the engines. The VTX's have the same grey/silver engine paint and some riders have wanted to go with black. I've recall seeing two threads showing photos on how the job was done, and at least one spelled out exactly what paint and supplies will be needed. I think they were going with professional level cleaners and high temp off-the-shelf spray paints.

    The sites are for the VTXCafe and the VTXoa. The latter also has a tech section with a lot of good general info. (Both are .com sites, but if I list the site addresses this text editor converts the URL into names and drops the address.)

    One guy painted just his cylinders black and left the casing silver, to match the older aircraft radial engines. Looked good. The other that I recall painted the entire engine black. Both had to spend time on the fin edges getting the silver off, the metal squared up and polished, and properly masked. This is a complication we do not have.

    Good luck.