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    I bought the driving lights bar w/spot lights and Turn signals, it came with 2 connections a 2 pin for signals, a 6 socket connection, i can't find where to plug them in !!! also i can't get the farring off either. does the harness have to be modified to install the running lights bar?
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    Need more info:

    1. HD light kit or aftermarket?
    2. No instructions or diagrams?
    3. What part of the fairing are you trying to remove?
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    There are 7 screws holding your outer fairing on.3 at the windshield and 4 on the inner fairing. If you follow the wiring from the accessory and spotlight switches you will find a duetch connector the 2 single pins go there.I believe 11 and 12 are the numbers on the connector where you want to insert the pins,but turn the spotlight switch on and test with a testlight to find the one that goes hot with the switch on.The other is a ground.The 6 pin connector should be taped to the harness near the lighter.
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    There's screws inside the fork tubes between the upper and lower clamps. You have to swing the forks left and right to get them. The big connector goes to the "light" switch next to the ignition switch, which your Streetglide didn't come with, sorta like this: Black Fairing Rocker Switch for Harley Davidson FLHX OEM 70321 06 | eBay Auto parts houses sell rocker switches, but they don't have the proper connector. We covered this in detail a month or so ago in another thread, try searching for it.
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