Electrical short?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 01 rk, Jul 5, 2013.

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    On our recent trip to Co. the battery went and had to be replaced, then the stator went and finally the regulator.
    When the ignition is turned on the speedo and tach needles go to the minus then come up to zero is this condition caused by a short circut?
    The battery and regulator were new April 2012, the battery went dead even though at the time the volt meter showed it was charging 14v.
    The electrical system was checked at three different H-D dealers all said the system was charging 13.75-14v after the various work was done. I kept a close eye on the volt meter all the way home 1400mi after the last repair, always 14v and no problems.
    My concern is that there is still a short in the system.
    Any help will be appriceiated.
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    It's Normal.
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    Agreed. Its normal. My speedo goes neg. every time I turn on the switch. It even makes a noise when doing it. Always has.